Friday December 01,2023
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  • Preco offers the latest and most robust impregnation technology available in today's market to seal casting porosity to its aerospace customers who demand extremely high quality. We are an ISO9000:2008 & an AS9100 Registerd Company, Mil-Std-276A, Mil-I-17563C compliant and approved by major aerospace companies and most automotive OEM's.

    Our HVLV system utilizes Dry Vacuum and Pressure processing (DVP), the most effective impregnation process available, and is capable of processing up to 7.9 million pounds of castings per year.

    We offer lean and efficient vacuum impregnation to seal our customer's most valued parts. Included in our process:

    • Parts are individually protected
    • Effectively impregnating even the most complex parts without risk of contamination or  

                     handling damage

    • PLC controlled for complete repeatability
    • Precise and clean impregnation processing
    • Computer controlled options to meet specific part requirements
    • All resins used on your parts are organic & environmentally friendly


    We at Preco analyze our customers'specific requirements, tailoring our processes for an optimal solution, the right solution for your business. The applications range from small fueling system components to large engine blocks. We effectively handle parts up to 14 inches in diameter and/or 24 inches long. We can seal larger castings up to 2500 lbs., please contact us for further information on specifics and a quote.

    Our resin/sealant is the latest in thermal-cure sealants, 95-1000AA, by Godfrey & Wing. As a lower viscosity sealant, 95-1000AA is engineered specifically to seal micro-porosity in castings or high density powdered metal parts. It has a lower viscosity and easy to use and rinses very effectively. It also has extremely high heat resistance and excellent chemical resistance. It is qualified and approved by MIL-I-17563C and almost every major industrial, automotive and aviation OEM. Our sealant can be found on the Department of Defense Qualified Products List and most OEM specifications. It is environmentally friendly, contains no toxic substances and is compliant with global environmental initiatives. Our process and sealant is also approved by MIL-STD-276A and we certify to it.



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